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Illustration of Mars

Never has there been a more exciting time for humanity as we prepare to leave behind the scorched remains of our wasting Earth, and look instead to the hopeful dunes of Mars! Now you can see what the intrepid Curiosity Rover sees as it blazes the trail, sending back data to us here on the ground. Select a camera from the control panel below to see the latest images of the beautiful, untamed landscape of our future home.

Front Hazard Avoidance Camera


Rear Hazard Avoidance Camera


Mast Camera


Chemistry and Camera Complex


Mars Hand Lens Imager


Mars Descent Imager


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Navigation Camera


Camera Controls

1: Front Hazard Avoidance Camera

2: Rear Hazard Avoidance Camera

3: Mast Camera

4: Chemistry and Camera Complex

5: Mars Hand Lens Imager

6: Mars Descent Imager

7: Navigation Camera

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